Example Flipbook:  Flarfball
Have you ever played Flarfball with your friends before?  It's fun.  
All you need is a dodgeball, a trampoline, and two of your friends. 

The person on the trampoline is vulnerable towards getting flarfed. 
You do not want to fall or hurt yourself, so remember to yell "flarf."

There are strategies and a few other rules, but that's basically how it works. 
I wrote a little bit more about it below, if that interests you.

Ned Lamont examines Flarfball. 

Flarfball:  Rules and Strategies

Here are some strategies for winning Flarfball.  Actually, these are more like configurations of positions of people.  The "Diameter-Radius" tactic is one where you must pass the flarf to your temporary team-mate on the other side of the trampoline.  That's a diameter.  If you connect, that's a radius.  This technique demonstrates why basketball and other sports keep records of a statistic called "an assist."

Another technique, the high bounce, involves getting on the trampoline with the other player and bouncing up there with them, trying to throw their timing somehow.  It certainly changes the rules around a little bit, and every group can decide on their own bunch of rules. 

When a Flarfer gets off the trampoline without getting hit by the flarfball, that's a time-out.  This can be used if the flarfer is getting too tired to hop around.  Time-outs can last 2 minutes, or a water break, a swimming break, an hour, or maybe even a day or two.  Hey, these are just the rules. 

Flarfball:  How to Draw the Flipper

This is how I drew the flarfball flipbook.  As you can see by the lines on the page, note how the detail is added in layers.  That's a common technique described in the section on layering, here on Flipbook Island, and I suggest you give that a read-through, if you would like to draw your own to teach your friends how to play Flarfball.  

Flarfball:  A guide on how to play

And these are the rules.  They're the only rules that can ever exist about the game, because the rule-making days of game development are over.  All you Flarfheads out there can improvise from these guidelines that have been given, but you must not waste your afternoons writing elaborate rules everyone must follow.  -Dunka

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