Example: Turtle on a Bicycle

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See also:  Rolling Hills (link: coming soon).  

This is a Turtle on a Bicycle.  You can draw your own.  Here are the elements that were used in the construction of this flipbook.  I didn't use a computer.  There were no special techniques.  

You are as good as a computer.  Your mind is more powerful than any computer in the world.
Don't believe me?  Prove it to yourself!  Just try to build your own flipbook, using Ralph as a lesson.

Ralph is a turtle.  He is slow.  But you can make everything appear to go faster, because you control the pages.  When you take away the motion, Ralph is on every page.  He has a body and a helmet and a shell.  It's all good if you have a helmet.  

You are going to need some pens and markers.  Click [tools] at the top to order, and check below at the image to determine what Prismacolors you need to buy.

Maybe you have a difficult time drawing the hills.  You could take the easy route, and just buy a "Rolling Hills" flipbook, one with things partially drawn for you.  

Or you could try to learn how to draw it yourself.  
That will teach you how to animate waveforms. 
(might also cost you a couple books in mistakes...  practice in margins).

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