Each Complete Work has an original soundtrack.  All of the songs that you will hear were produced by Ian Applegate, who created the animation sequences in the video.

The songs are available if you click the album cover image.  It will take you to a page where you can listen to the songs, download them and save them into your iTunes library.

When they're downloaded (click the "archive" graphic to begin saving the album to your computer), they will arrive at the same location the attachments in your emails are generally located.  When you import them into iTunes, they will contain all the correct information regarding artist, album, and song information, as well as the original album cover, which you see here.  All of this is free to you, just for showing up.  The songs that were created each have meaning behind them, and link up to the flip book they were created for.  In addition, many times the song is made prior to the flipper.  Even more incredible, it is very frequent that the flipper is drawn while listening to the song.  Go check 'em out! and get back to people about whether it's worth it, by commenting on this page.

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