Paco Bell Cannon

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The first appearance of Paco Bell Cannon was in the cartoon for the Broccoli Bomber. It drives across the foothills of Tora Bora, playing music, essentially blasting them out of their holes. It was an extreme tactic but for some reason it actually worked. We make dreams here at Stereomedia. We share social dreams. Paco Bell draws on the attention given to a certain Mexican fast food chain. But it also relates to Pachelbel, the great composer. I hope I'm spelling his name right. Imagine a weapon of war, that did nothing but play the same song endlessly. It would drive out the enemy with ease. I can guarantee that.

That's the message behind the Pachelbel Cannon. Weapons of peace can have a better effect on cooperation when compared to weapons of war. And if we are to evolve as a species, we will need to eliminate all of our weapons of war. That is one of the goals of our lifetimes.

Stereomedia stands for Peace And Sustainability!

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