Don't look so surprised!

Flipbook Island is doing better than ever, mainly because the motivation is there to bring you the best in educational entertainment from Kid Analog.

There are many little steps that go into drawing flipbooks, but the approach that makes their compositions easier are the techniques that also make them look better.  Solid lines and clear colors are actually easier to draw.

The point of greatness, in a Flipbook, is where people get lost in the details.  You don't want your viewer to become confused by extravagance.  Somebody awesome like Bruce Lee said that the beauty is in the simplicity.  And I avidly believe that.

So the next time you're rocking around on a bus or a train, and you're tired of reading the same old news, why don't you make your own cartoon?  There's nothing shameful about being good at expressing yourself, and what better way than to express an emotion than through animation?

If you can think of one, please be a wisenheimer and comment below.

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