Objects of Space Wars

Here are a few objects from the Space Wars! flipbook that you can see whenever you would like to draw one.  

You can draw these units...  You can also animate them!  That's the whole point of it being a flipbook. 

Get in there and fight some action in a sequence. 
You can easily gravitate one object towards another. 
Just be mindful of what you're trying to describe. 

Only things with meaning actually get seen and heard. 
The tree that falls and is not heard had hardly any meaning.
-Obi Tzu Applegate

The galaxy that vaporized and was never noticed is hard to imagine having ever existed." -LS Aristotle

New Terminology:  "unit" is a self-contained animation loop within an animation sequence.  The conept of "loop" relates back to the music concepts of Midi.  

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