Musical Sequences

Remember the page about the Awesome Drummer?  Also, you can't forget about how that flipbook teaches you how to read another different language that other people know:  the language of musical sequences!  Look at him go!

What do those little red and yellow blocks mean?  The top *yellow means "hi-hat."  The next, which should be *orange, is the "snare."  And at the bottom, you have this little red square next to BD which means *bass drum.  That's what is going on inside of the screen.
To the side, you'll witness green blocks, lighting up whenever the little man hits a cymbal and plays something on it.  That's the indicator that those symbols are "Active" and you will note that they are lit up to the side of where the HH and BD are.  That, within itself, is a reminder that you can play sequences by reading flipbooks.  Not only that- you can also essentially get away with making real music by organizing your songs into these Audiomatic Expressions, like the ones you see below.  Here they are.  

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