Instruction Manual

Lesson 2
Turtle on a Bicycle.

For the next lesson, you are going to construct a flipbook known as "Turtle on a Bicycle."  This is a great way of showing that you have some newfound skills, homeslice!

First thing, examine the drawing above.  can you see how the turtle goes along all of these different hills that have objects on them, such as trees, fences, and gates? 

Remember that you have to draw all of these things, so make a layout of everything you expect you're going to see on the course.  Come up with clear ways of drawing the things that you want to see.  You can copy from me, because I'm just copying what I see.  Nobody holds the answers to the questions on these tests.  

This is an example of how the turtle on a bicycle rolls up and down the hills.  Note how at the very top, there are only three lines.  That is the Top Layer.  On the second drawing, you can see that I've added a shrub, and three circles.  The three circles are filled in and added with detail, every time drawing the same three circles on each of the 80 pages (for a total of a whole bunch of circles).  

Do you want a color guide?

Color guides contain all of the serial numbers for the markers that you should use, when drawing this remarkable turtle.  See how each of the numbers are listed, as well as what those colors represent?  This can definitely help you if you want to make a really awesome flipbook, and not have to wonder about whether the markers are going to look good or not.  I already did the research and development for ya. 

You can buy a Rolling Hills flipbook from me, if you would like to.  Then, you'd be an intermediate flipbooker.  If you would like to really make things amazingly though, learn how to draw the moving hills yourself.  It might cost you a few notebooks, but there will come a point where you will be able to get the hills to do the "flow" movement, which then you can apply to other flipbooks like ones involving water, electrical current, or any kinds of waves.  

Life is in the details.

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