The Illusory Senses

What makes us sense "motion" with vision?
Yes, we sense motion.  But, why?  

Your eyes see the world, and convert it into a series of images that you then visualize in your mind.  Your mind then translates those images you see, and converts it into something you understand based on what objects and shapes you recognize.  You can also recognize patterns in motion which take on their own identies, in a way.  Illusion becomes a part of taking advantage of where human senses are limited.

Flipbooks and Stopmotion

Flipbooks are one way of creating the illusion of motion from objects that are technically stationary.  Stopmotion of physical objects are another method that you can put in place.  

In modern times, it's the same thing as "magic" and people who can do this well are largely considered to be contemporary magicians.  Some people's magic is good, and it helps the world.  Others cast spells on others for their own temporary gains.  

"If I had superpowers, I would spread helpful and optimistic messages to the people of Earth." 


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