History of Flipbook Island

  • 1996:  Began practicing making hand-drawn animations.
  • 2010:
    • March:  Start approaching publishers. 
    • May:  Request quote from Phoenix Press. 
    • June:  Pursue private investors.  
    • July:  Build new Flipbook Island site. 
    • August:  Draw 15 all-new flippers. 
    • Fall:  Design Solar Electrical curriculum and board game.
  • 2011 
    • Winter:  
      • Rebuild Stereomedia completely.  
      • Get tons and tons of snow in New England
    • Spring:  Write "Kid Analog's Guide to Animation"
    • Summer:  
      •  Launch Kickstarter Campaign for Flipbook Island.
That brings us to our current stage in the process.  Index transparency!!!

Phase One [current]:  Promotion.
  • July.  Design flyer, tune up motorcycle, get wires for projector, find rainproof gear, get on CouchSurfing.Com, plan trip through New England, research local bookstores, prepare to launch.
  • August.  Travel New England's best vacation spots, while not on vacation.  Actually busy at work promoting new product, "The Analog Flipbook" (a remarkable paper design based on a computer).  Meet lots of new people, spread the flyers to interested parties, and try not to check the Kickstarter status too frequently.  
  • September:  Continue the tour into NYC.  Spend time in different districts, showing the flipbook mainly at night to people via the video projector method that I invented back in July (special wires).  Also plan coffeeshop performances, as well as other engagements, perhaps with radio stations that might be interested, and bookstores who think that the product could sell.  

Phase Two.  
"Phase Two" is in the event that Flipbook Island gets the pre-order requirement to publish.

October 5.
  • Make an announcement to all participants indicating that the fundraising was a success.
  • Verify all mailing addresses in this announcement ("Is this your correct address?")
  • Prepare the flipbook for publication, via Phoenix Press in New Haven CT. 
  • Possibly launch another pre-order proposal to people interested in learning more.  

Qustions About Flipbooks

What makes them [interactive?]
Can I teach in schools?  [Yes,  invite me!]
Why don't you just get a real publisher?  [I tried that first.]

More Information About Kickstarter

Kid Analog is produced using clean, renewable electricity

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