Printing Press

I discovered a great printing press in New Haven, CT.  Luckily, that's also right down the street from where I live.  If you've ever driven from NYC to Boston, there is a wind turbine on I-95 which you will see as you pass through New Haven.  As you drive over that bridge, perhaps you are wondering what that giant wind-fan is doing.

It's to cool down the planet, mostly.  Since there is such thing as Global Warming, it becomes important to install more of these giant fans to cool things down.  Just kidding.  The wind turbine powers a printing press.  They are also very considerate about the products that they use.  For example, the paper is made in Canada, at a place that generates its power from methane gas at a nearby landfill.

Use your mind and you will find that you can create great things, but first it's important to prove that you care about mother earth.  If you really do care about this planet, learn how to draw the shape of its continents by heart.  The more detailed you know the continents, the better off you will be.  Then you can animate it!  How much fun is that??!!  Remember to VOTE for your flippers, and Kid Analog will continue shipping them directly from Flipbook Island, just for you.

If you can sit through this video, I will take you on a tour inside the facility of the wind turbine at Phoenix Press.  This was a show that I made while I was looking for employment and putting together a plan to produce animations for a career.

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