Exercise 1: Compose a Selection of Objects.

This is an example of a selection of objects.  Note how there are many different ramps in the image you see above.  It's pretty cool, right?  Your selection could be way different.  If you like clothing, your objects sheet will be full of articles of clothing.  If you were drawing a car race, you would have several different cars to choose from.  Right?  

That's what we're going for here.  In fact, if you wanted to make an object with a ton of detail, then you could create something that looks like a sequence of an object.  Here we have the way that a dunkasaurus is sequenced into turning 180° and it also shows the Prismacolor #'s.  

Here is yet one last example of how a series of objects could be drawn to reinforce the notion that you can maneuver them now that you know how to draw them.  Just remember that each of your objects contain a number of lines, and that those lines consist of a certain amount of detail.  The more detailed each individual object is, the more work you're going to find yourself doing over the next 80 pages.  

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