Basics of Stickfiguring

Remember, the lessons we learned about how an object can move around the screen?  It helps to position that object by drawing only the most prominent feature of that particular part of the object first.  For example, just drawing the head of a stick figure for the duration of a sequence will indicate just how little that head will change over the course of those pages.  Please do not harm the stickfigures.  They did nothing wrong to you, so leave them alone and make them play basketball but do not dismember them because you will lose interest in drawing flipbooks if that's all you want to draw, and it will draw people away from you.

Note how the classic Analog person here in this page is indicated by the head, torso, and legs as you see in the ratio of the body.  This is just a souped up stick figure, but if you will notice the similarity between that and the other (1:1:1) is taht the head is precisely the same size and shape in each version, both the basic and the advanced.

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