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$10 Limited Time Offer
Pre-Order on Kickstarter:  Starts August 5th
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and Receive a Flipbook In The Mail by Dec. 1st

Facts about pre-ordering:

If 1000 People Pre-Order by October 1:
  • Everyone will recieve an email, saying that the funds were raised and you're all getting flipbooks.
  • They will be printed and arrive at your door in the mail by December 14th.
  • It could be possible to raise more funding for future prints of additional flipbooks.
  • Your assistance in this endeavor could help publishers take me more seriously.
Your support is critical to the success of this endeavor. For your support, you will be sent a hand-wrapped flipbook, printed on recycled paper, in a press that is powered by a wind turbine in my local hometown, right in time for the holidays. Your $10 pledge will automatically include tax and shipping.

If 999 or Less People Pre-Order by Oct. 1 (if fundraising is unsuccessful):
  • None of the people who pledged will lose any money.
  • The funding will not go through.

Other facts about pre-order (pledging):
  • You can pledge more than $10 if you'd like to give a boost to this endeavor. I might really end up needing a bit of that sort of help towards the end, especially if you should notice that I am close to the goal. Then again, that certainly ends the suspense of it. But I still don't discourage that sort of behavior. I'm going back to the drawing board no matter what happens!
  • It's perfectly acceptable to pledge more than once, if you would like to order multiple copies for various different family and friends. Flippers from Kid Analog also include interactive features, some that will teach you how to draw, or how to stitch, or how to have a farm (a very productive garden). Some even teach you how to play music on the drums.
  • If you would like to buy the original hand-drawn flipbook that gets printed, go for it. It's up for grabs at $2000. Think of it this way, though: let's say that this kickstarts a whole new genre of flipbooks across New England and maybe even the United States. Don't you think that a flipbook with that wide of a circulation might be valuable in the future? Then again, it would not be valuable without your help, which is why it's for sale, and I hope someone agrees.
  • Will I get billed if you don't reach your goal?
  • No, your $10 will be charged only if Flipbook Island reaches its goal of 1000 pre-orders.
  • When will the flipbooks arrive?
  • The winning flipbook needs to be formatted printed, and that can take time. I can say with certainty that they will arrive by December 14, 2011.
  • When will the aforementioned Instruction Manual be available?
  • I will need to work with an actual publisher to proof-read it for accuracy in order to ensure that Kid Analog Books provide the most up-to-date facts and information. I am currently in pursuit of that arrangement.
  • How do I Pre-Order Multiple Copies?
  • To the best of my knowledge, you may have to fudge around with the Kickstarter pledge platform in order to determine how that works. If you would like, you can email KidAnalog@Gmail.Com to verify that you have pledged for multiple copies.

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