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Ok, so let's say that you are responsible for entertaining and educating a classroom full of children who are all fascinated by cartoons.  Easy enough, I think there's hundreds of you already on Flipbook Island right now.  I want to help you make it easier to teach them how to draw like me.  I started making this site when I realized that's why I wrote those drawings.  

So, you can have your school pick up a copy of the official "Animation Instructional Manual" from Stereomedia for the great price that we have offered here today.  I know it's pricey but I'm trying desparately to make that better.  If you have access to computers, you can also have your students browse this website and read about all of the different techniques, learn from all the drawings, and maybe listen to an instrumental song or two.  

You can tell your friend in the music department that I have a book coming out really soon, and it's going to be about music.  It will use the langauge of computer music, MIDI, to teach how to compose.  In fact a large portion of it has been written already and you can take a look at it whenever you want, over [here].  Soon I will also have a similar project available for Websites.  

Thank you for your support in purchasing the items available in the [flipbook catalogue].  
You are also quite welcome for the prime selection of equipment listed in [tools]. 

Here is what I have for you educators out there: 
  1. A group course lesson plan. 
  2. Exercises from the book. 

There's also a ton of information in there within the main section titled "Book."  If you dig in through there, you might find hundreds of litle artifacts and bits of information.  I really suggest getting familiar with the points that I'm trying to make in the [Guide]. 

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