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(And about the Stereomedia Server)

I'll be the first to admit that I did not invent this idea of flipbooks.  Not only that, I came up with the idea of getting good at making them back in 1996.  Here are a couple preliminary versions of sites I built for Flipbooks, some of them contain marginal functionality as of 2011.

Back then, I had some ambition to get flipbooks out in public for consumption as a published item.  But I hadn't put the final piece of drawing the Instruction Manual together, which I still believe is a key feature of the Flipbook Island Project.  This is the link that originally contained my first flipbooks:


Anytime you see a Url with a /stereophoniqkhz attachment next to it, you know that you are browsing a 2004 version of the original server.  In this case, you would be looking at a 2004 Flipbooks page.  This page actually routes you to a 2010 version of Flipbook Island, but if you want to get really down to the bottom of it all, you can see the original early version here:


The videos don't work anymore over there but I've moved them over to Youtube just like everybody else did back in the day.  It's been wild, watching the internet change over the last 10 years.  One thing has always stayed the same since the very beginning.  Stereomedia. 

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