Kickstarter Begins! Pledge by October 1.

Be a part of the Flipbook Revolution!

It's been really great to have this opportunity and if all goes well, quality hand-drawn flipbooks will be mailed to your house by December 1, if you decide to support.

That's kind of the point.

Hope you enjoy this project and Flipbook Island is really counting on your support.  Thanks and read on to find out more about the potential rewards to this project.

Kickstarter Rewards

If enough people "pledge" to buy a flipbook, it would make it affordable to print.  In this case, I would need a thousand people to do so.  You are essentially pre-ordering a product that will be mail delivered.  If the fundraising is unsuccessful, you don't lose any money.  Give it some consideration.

Here are some of the incentives I will be offering:


Flipbook Soundtrack. Get a URL link to a ZIP file with a 15-song instrumental album for you to write your own flipbooks while listening. A flipbook soundtrack! Head over to the Island to preview the songs for free.


Get the winning flipper sent to your home in a neatly wrapped package, signed by the artist. it will be mailed via USPS and arrive with your regular mail by December 1, 2011. Please visit Flipbook Island to check on which flipbook is winning the vote. Also includes a link to download the complete soundtrack.


This pledge reward reflects international shipping. Select this if you are from a country other than the US and you would like to have a flipbook mailed to your doorstep. Also includes soundtrack link.


LIMITED REWARD     100 of 100 remaining
Creator's Pack. Get yourself the flipbook and a toolkit, and some instructions, plus a great soundtrack to draw to. Probably one of the best rewards options. Again, in the mail by December 1, 2011.


Multiple Copy Gift Set. If you'd like to receive 4 flipbooks, try this reward. Also includes soundtrack link for each of the 4 copies, and shipping for each of them as well.
More will be announced.  See ya this weekend!  Spend some time on Saturday Morning drawing cartoons, just like you used to watch 'em.  Soon enough you'll have your own.

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