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HTML (how to make a living)

Lesson number one. Don't sit there and wait for the world to happen for you.
You need to get out there and do what you have to in order to survive.

I can feel bad for the things I say. You might call it a vulnerability.
I'm not sure if I can call i that though, because it saves me from thinking that I need to feel right all the time. There's this feeling I get, when I look to the west.

Right now I'm waiting to upload my next flipbook. These things are taking forever, and my laptop is running at a fair temperature, finally 60˙ (on a Mac, that's shift+option+8). Try pressing [ctrl+h] sometime when you're writing something.
While we're waiting, let me give you a special indication as to where language is going.
You have a Mac, right? Hope so. Maybe you don't and there's another way, but in Chrome there is a feature at the end of "Edit" (next to "File" and all, "view history" and stuff). In that edit menu at the very bottom you'll see "Special Characters." You can open it with [shift+apple+T]. This is a character menu.

Phonetic language still has a future. And I doubt English is going away anytime soon, the way that the British Empire is going. I suggest if we really want to rebel once more, we change our language and come up with a new American Language.

It should be based on Native America and all that we should have learned, before they disappeared. And it could be built on a new foundation for language, with all-new platforms that had never been considered by the ancients.

I mean, let's face it. English is an ancient language. So are many of the languages around the world, but just remember one thing about language: it's constantly evolving. And if you know a thing or two about evolution, it happens occasionally very suddenly. That's just the way the world works.

"I need processors!" He said, in a semi-alarmed state. Nobody really knew what this meant. the laptop increased to 74°C as he worried, are all my files fried at this point???

"Yes, sir. 74°C is a bit warm for your processor. I believe you should get this for your laptop. There was an Apple feature known as "dashboard" and it was pretty much where the concept for the iPhone first started. The idea that there could be multiple little windows, all running things, summonable by the push of a single button.

Try it right now. If your computer is just like mine, it's the F12 key, right up there next to Eject. Push it and see what it does, if you have never tried. Not bad, eh?

It brings up a menu. You can download these little "widgets" from one place: the Apple website. Sound familiar? And you can get them to do all different things. It's fairly remarkable, when you think about it. This is where I'm going with this.

Do a web search for "iStat Pro." Or, there. I did it for you. Get it, it's free, it's not going to make your computer run slow. It's a diagnostic tool, and now you can open up a little window whenever you press F12. Mine says:

As you can see, I was smart to cover up my IP address on this little screen shot, but you can see that too. Here are a bunch of different temperatures inside of my machine. If your computer is on your lap for too long, or it's sitting on a surface that has maximally absorbed all the heat that it can, then you are going to come across some problems in the longterm with your computer if the internal circuits reach a state where they are so soft that they melt a little into eachother. We wouldn't want that. So keep an eye on it, would you?

If you're concerned about your ability to translate the C temps into F, then consider this other possibility: maybe there's a dashboard widget that can help you determine a thing or two about measurement conversion.

Now I got things moving. Think about it. Video is by far the heaviest kind of weight, when it comes to files.

High quality video takes up an enormous amount of space. When you think about how much storage space it would take to save every ounce of video in the universe, the machine would have to be the size of the universe. I think we're on to something here.

High quality video takes up an enormous amount of space.  When you think about how much storage space it would take to save every ounce of video in the universe, the machine would have to be the size of the universe.  I think we're on to something here.  

A BPM is worth a thousand TXT's, you know.

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