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Which did you vote for...  And Why?

Dunkasaurus Rex?  Please Vote.

Paco Bell Cannon.  Is that driving on the page, or what?

Maybe You Liked the Awesome Drummer?

Voting is something that you should know about.  It's important because it helps change the course of the future,

I'm not talking about voting for people.  I'm discussing now the presence of the functionality when you vote for ideas.  A person that you vote for can then go and do whatever they want.  However, an idea that you vote for can actually happen, if it's popular enough.

The idea, in this case, is Flipbooks.  Do you think it's relevant to print them, to sell them for $10, to mail them to your door?  Would it be useful to you, to learn how to draw them yourself, using the methods that I have ascribed here in this blog?  More importantly, do I deserve to be a flipbook artist?

If you say yes, then watch all the flipbook animations.  Then,  click on the one that you want the most.  If enough people pre-order, that will be the one I print.  So it's real important to vote.

It's even more important that you pre-order, because Flipbook Island will sink under the ocean without your support, never to be seen again in history.  It's that important:  you decide if Dunkasaurus survives.

Dunka doesn't have enough room on the island to grow food.  All he has are trees that make paper, and shells that make ink.  With those shells and that paper, he brings you these flipbooks.  He ships them to the mainland, in hope that the mainland will send him food.  Does it work?

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