Introduction to the Guide.

How To Read This Guide.  As you will notice throughout the course of the manuscript, there are often a series of different objects, marked with different numerals, letters, or other identifiers.  Those numbers play out the difference in location of an object throughout the course of a sequence.  Here is a good example of how to break down a sequence.

Sequences are differences in position of an object.  Objects can be anything, but in this case, it's just a grey circle.  It could be something as complicated as a giraffe, or could contain gaffes, such as intricate text in bubbles that surround it.

Objects within themselves can be animated into a sequence.  In this case, though, the object is a circle and it's only meant to move very slightly, in order to show you how evenly distributed motion in a sequence makes the appearance of change of position in animation move much smoother in transition.

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