Concepts: What is a vector?

You can learn how to understand vector graphics. 

"Vector" is a term used to describe geometric visualization.
May of the greatest discoveries in Astronomy were made using vector lines. 

"Vector Lines" contain mathematical properties.  The properties are:

  1. Length.  Quantify how long your line is, in units. 
  2. Angle.  What is the angle in relation to the grid? 
  3. Intersects.  Where do lines cross?  At what angle?
  4. Curve.  Does the line have any curve to it?
ALSO...  Can you name any additional properties of a line?
For example:  color, thickness...

F(x) Animation:  Vector Animation Properties

Over the duration of time, a vector image can change any of its properties.

The properties can stay the same, or change intermittently.  They also can change irregularly, but it looks very choppy when you do that.  The smoothness of an animation all depends on how regular (patterns) the changes in the lines' properties are.

Serious flip-bookers also relate the changes in properties to the changes in other elements.
Get flippant!

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