Table of Contents
Sections and Descriptions

Objects are elements that you can draw again and again in the same shape, that stay recognizable. This chapter of the book gives you a whole toolbox full of objects that you can use. You can even get an idea of how to draw your own objects by reading and examining how I draw mine.

2. Space Wars!
3. Stick Figures in 2D

Frame by Frame
These are samples of image sequences. They help guide you through the step-by-step process of bringing drawings to life. Study each shape, or infer from the changes of the position in each frame.

1. Basic Shape Splitting
2. The 180 Rotation of Dunkasaurus

3. Basketball Moves
4. Bot (Breakdancing)
5. Tank Game
6. Rain Drop
7. Take Off / Landing

Here goes some background techniques, if you would like to draw one yourself. Flipbook Island provides partially drawn flipbooks, where all of the background elements have been hand-drawn for you. These stages are for you to draw on your own, if you dare!

1. Pro Wrestler Stage
2. Empty SkatePark
3. Town
4. Flarfball Stage

These might require a college education to understand. Luckily, tuition is cheaper than you think. $20 for the best course on flipbooks that you're ever going to get? I'd say that's a pretty good deal.

1. Aria
2. Resolution
3. Oscillation

...And Much More! This website is assembled as a "blog" (meaning: many of the works you see here are in progress, and are being added to). The finished book is more comprehensive than this blogspot site, obviously, which is why it would benefit you to know that this skims the surface of its content, and I suggest you purchase the book for the full experience.

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