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Check out these short videos.  They have instrumental electronic music I composed in the background.  (A preview of the soundtrack is available online for free over here).  Meanwhile, keep reading because there's more fun stuff here on Flipbook Island!

Once you have decided which flipbook you like the best, vote for it by clicking the button for it (located under the banner, to the left...  pretty obvious where).  You just need to be logged into Google in order to vote.  This will be the one that I bring to Phoenix Press, should this project get the funding that it needs in order to succeed.  

This feature is no longer available - Thanks!

Hey, I didn't write all this stuff for nothing!  I hope that you take the time to learn from the educational section of this website.  I've taken every effort to share the tricks that i learned in teaching myself these Analog techniques.  I think that you can learn how to make your own, too.  That's why I wrote the Instruction Manual section, and if you give it a chance and browse through all of the info, some of it might make you a better flipbook artist.  I share every trick in the book...

What book, you may ask?  I'm not sure, because there's never been a clear, concise guide to how to make your own hand-drawn animations.  Perhaps that's why Borders closed its doors?  Hey maybe if they had flipbook movie sessions, or animation classes, they'd stay open.  That's what I'm suggesting, if you ask me the question of how to preserve the brick and mortar.  

Flipbooks are like videogames.  They cost a quarter at the arcade, which is the same price as lemonade in the seventh grade.  You can also share the ones you made, for the same price. Free are the lessons you see on this site, and that's not just because I'm nice.  I need rice, just like you to survive.  Would it suffice to say that if you made it over to Kickstarter today, you'd help us together pave the way for the Flipbook Revolution to begin today!

Without your help in spreading this around the internet, it will probably be lost, forgotten or swept away like many Flipbook Islands that came before it.  If you know a teacher who is searching for great lesson plans to help kids learn how to draw animations, or maybe you teach calculus and you would like your class to hand in an interesting assignment, then contact me at KidAnalog@Gmail.Com!  That way together we can revolutionize the education process by making education more accessible.  I know you know we can do it, so let's get started right away.  Get Flippant!

Without your help, this site would be not much of anything at all.  So I ask that you use the comments section on this page for the purpose of expressing which one you voted on, and why.  You don't have to keep your voting anonymous!  Dunkasaurus won't get mad at'cha if you don't vote for his flipbook.


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Post comments about which flipbook you voted on, and why (if you'd like).

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