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Look, No Computer! (i also occasionally use circlemaker).

You don't need a light table to get started on making your own. All you need is a notebook, some pencils and some pens. You don't need pencils if you have Techniques.
Here are the products I recommend. (Note: Ordering is not set up yet).

Click [here] to learn more about recommended notebooks.

Click [here] to learn more about recommended pens.

Click [here] to learn more about recommended markers.

If you are satisfied that the choice of materials I recommend has been well-thought and time-tested, then maybe you'd like to go ahead and order a kit.

The kits are organized such that you don't have to browse through the entire menu of options of things to purchase online. They work together with the Lessons on the website, to help you create amazing flipbooks. Here are the kits that Flipbook Island has organized and made available through Hulls

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PRICE TBA The Basic Kits are all the same price (different marker color combinations)
These come in the mail, and are provided by Hull's Art Supplies in New Haven, CT.

This kit allows you to draw a BOT flipbook with the 3 shades of grey, and the pens and markers that have been recommended.

3 Micron Pens [01, 03, 05]
3 No. 10 Rhodias [miniature flipbook graph pads]
3 Prismacolor Markers [ 20% warm grey, 20% cool grey, 40% warm grey ]

Or Perhaps You Would Rather Get These Colors:

This kit allows you to draw a Turtle On A Bicycle Flipbook.
All the color selections have been provided (see bottom)

3 Micron Pens [01, 03, 05]

3 No. 10 Rhodias [miniature flipbook graph pads]
3 Prismacolor Markers [ #s 162, 167, 199 ]

This kit allows you to draw a Yogamatic Flipbook.
All the color selections have been provided.

3 Micron Pens [01, 03, 05]
3 No. 10 Rhodias [miniature flipbook graph pads]
3 Prismacolor Markers [ #s pink, purple, skintone ]

The Pro Kit includes more pens than the Basic Kits. It also provides more markers.

PRICE TBA 6 Microns, 5 Prismas, 4 Rhodias.

Available At Hulls New Haven
Exclusive Art Supplier to Flipbook Island

You can make your own, simply by using the techniques here on this website, as well as the tools that are found in this section. You don't need computers! All you need is a paper and a pen (and maybe some markers). Sharpen your mind, not your pencil, and you too can produce amazing hand-drawn animations.

Feel free to go simple. Use the margin of an old book and draw wherever there's blank space. Perhaps you've already tried this, with "marginal" success. Then step it up to level 2, which would involve using post-it© notes, and maybe an old bic© pen. That would work.

But if you would like to take it to the highest platform and use the finest tools available, I can recommend a few key products, only because these are what I use, and I would want you to have that information available.

I like to use micron pens, which come in different sizes. Some of them are very thin. You can read about using line thickness techniques [here], because it can be very helpful. The notebooks that I use are made by rhodia, and you can find them at your local art store. There's more information about those little notepads; the graph paper comes in handy and you can learn how to use the graph to help guide things [here]. Finally, the markers that I use are prismacolor, and I know they're expensive (I buy them for $4.19 each, making that wooden box that you see in the picture worth about as much as the average netbook). You will notice on some of the pages that I mention the serial numbers of the actual markers used in the animation sequences that I draw. Here, you can see that I use marker #167, which is green, to draw certain parts of the turtle, using other shades of similar colors to draw the other parts, giving it a more detailed effect. Using many colors is what makes composing these things so time consuming, but it also happens to be what causes them to look so fresh.

As you can see, the products that I use are integral to the system I have developed for drawing these. If you would like to make the most of the educational experience available to you on this website, it's suggested that you get down with having quality materials, to ensure that your hand-drawn animations come out awesome as possible.

You'll also note that there are no pencils listed as tools. That's because I don't use pencils, and you don't have to, either! Because pencils imply that you can erase, and erasing means mistakes, and there are no mistakes on Flipbook Island! There is one thing missing from this list that should be mentioned:

I use a sheet of transparent plastic behind the page that I'm using markers on, because the ink from the marker will bleed through onto the previous page. Another hidden technique is that I draw starting on the page that would be considered "last" by conventional standards. The bottom page in the notepad is the one that I start from, and as soon as you start drawing your own, you will understand why that is helpful.

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